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Safe and Sound Glass Dropper




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About Safe and Sound Glass Dropper

Some choose to start with 1 drop of TRS, increasing a drop at a time until they are ready for a whole spray. 4 drops is the equivalent to 1 spray of TRS. You may want to do this if you feel that your toxin levels are very high and are worried about detox symptoms.

Safe and Sound Glass Dropper is an easy to use glass dropper for dispensing small quantities of liquid.

  • Glass dropper.
  • Suitable for ear and eye drops.
  • Hygienic.
  • Dropper will not interact with oils or chemicals.

Safe and Sound Glass Dropper can be used for dispensing liquid medicines hygienically.

Please note that this will not screw onto your TRS bottle for storage, you will need to use the original top.

Check Safe and Sound Glass Dropper before each use for chips or cracks.
If any are found, dispose of the product immediately in a safe manner.
Wash after use.

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