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Advanced Fulvic


30ml (30 Servings)


Detoxify and Replenish

Coseva’s Advanced Fulvic offers an optimal combination of fulvic acid, humic acid, and unique micronutrients. While other fulvic/humic products simply take their material from a single source (which is often high in humic acid and very low on micronutrients) Advanced Fulvic is formulated to combine material from several specialized sources to supply a balanced amount of all three components – fulvic acid, humic acid, and micronutrients – in a single serving.

The targeted natural materials combined in Advanced Fulvic have been optimized for:

  • Assisting with total body detox of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins
  • Providing 1000x the antioxidant power of popular “superfoods” to help the body with cellular-level repair
  • Supporting Healthy Immune Response
  • Helping optimize the gut microbiome and reduce “leaky gut”
  • Contributing to healthy inflammation response
  • Improving mental clarity and memory




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About Advanced Fulvic


Coseva’s Advanced Fulvic – Humic Acid Micronutrients detox Formula provides your body with the richest variety of natural organic substances needed to assist with cellular detoxification, replenish the gut microbiome, unlock important energy and nutrients from the foods we eat, and support a strong immune system.


In today’s world of processed foods and synthetic chemicals, our gut microbiomes are being starved of energy and nutrients they need to do their jobs.

The rich variety of natural organic substances found in Advanced Fulvic-Humic Acid Micronutrient Formula is similar to what the human gut microbiota evolved with in ancient times when our environment was cleaner and our technology was less damaging.

Taking Advanced Fulvic-Humic Acid Micronutrient Formula is like putting a reset on your gut microbiota. It takes it from a weakened, sickly state to a vibrant and robust condition that nature intended thousands of years ago.

Our source of Fulvic and Humic Acids comes from ancient sites located in pristine areas of the Southeastern United States. These sites were created pollution-free and are continuously nurtured, isolated from modern technology.




Coseva’s Advanced Fulvic – Humic Acid Micronutrients detox combines materials that have undergone extensive testing utilizing the latest methods adopted by the industry, in addition to extensive micro-nutrient testing far beyond what other humic/fulvic acid products can provide. While other manufacturers may claim that they have micronutrients, their claims remain unsubstantiated without the actual test data.

Below are independent 3rd party reports and resources regarding both the sources and purity of Advanced Fulvic’s source materials as well as a list of just some of the beneficial flavonoids and terpenoids found in our revolutionary formula:

CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS – Independent 3rd party test results from Advanced Laboratories.
FULVIC TESTING RESULTS – Independent 3rd party test results from IAS Laboratories.
FLAVONOIDS & TERPENOIDS – Detailed report of the beneficial micronutrient content of Advanced Fulvic.
PRODUCT SHEET – Product “one-sheet” explaining product benefits and testing methods.
HUMIC ACID TEST METHODS – Explanation and critical comparison of the methodologies for testing humic acids.
MEASUREMENT STANDARDS – Study discussing the standard for quantification of humic and fulvic acids.



Take once daily by mixing 1 ml with 16 ounces of non-chlorinated water or your favorite beverage.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under the age of 13, or taking prescription medication, consult your physician prior to use.

Allergy Warning: Made in a facility that also processes soy and egg.


  • Fulvic Acid (as mineral complex) – 40mg
  • Humic Acid (as mineral complex) – 60mg
  • Micronutrients** (as mineral complex) – 90mg


**Contains over 70 naturally occurring fulvic and humic bio-mass vegetal materials, trace minerals, trace amino acids, and antioxidants presented within the original humate source.

Other Ingredients: Purified water

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